let me tell you mine..

Before you share your story..

My name is Alyssa. I’m 28 years old, a self-taught photographer, avid traveler, wayfarer and trying to become a green thumb.
If there was one person who I had to thank for sharing a love of photography with me, it was my grandfather. He always had a camera with him, simply because he loved the memories he captured. That forever impacted me and I also developed that same passion to capture the moments around me, no matter how small.

"Modern. Bold. True to Life."

That's how I like to describe my photography style

I strive to create a bold and warm image, that still stays true to life. I don't make your grass look brown or your skin look green. My goal is to create images that last a lifetime, not just what's popular now. I mean... once upon a time "selective color" was all the rage too, right?


When considering photographers for any occasion, the photos are obviously important! However, I believe that great photos come from great experiences. You can have the best training, best lenses, and be a Photoshop wizard- but if the "vibe" isn't right, it will show in the photos. I treat all of my clients like friends, using my expertise (and sense of humor) to create a memorable moment to go with the photos. I'm a people person at heart, but also use this skillset on wedding days to my

advantage. I don't just take in the scenery, but make sure to stay aware of the atmosphere and feelings in a room. Does the timeline say couples photos for 60 minutes, but we crushed it in 40 minutes and you're ready to party? Awesome- let's go enjoy your cocktail hour!

When we meet, I can promise you two things - laughs 'till your stomach hurts as well as beautiful photo memories that we’ll work to create together.

See into my world...

Throughout my website are many images from my professional portfolio. To help you get to know me better here are some images from my personal collection, shot on my Nikon film camera. PS... I do offer film photography!