Mini Sessions, 2022

I am super excited about this year's mini sessions! Unlike other offerings, these sessions are going to take it to the next level. They are being held in one of the most beautiful natural light studios in Florida. Each session day will feature multiple backdrops and styling elements, providing beautiful and natural options for a luxury photo experience.

These sessions are perfect for families, couples, best friends, and everything in between!

Pricing & Packages

Winter Theme

October 22nd, 2022
- 20 minute sessions
- Minimum of 10 images
- High resolution digital images


Modern & Neutral

October 30th, 2022
- 20 minute sessions
- Minimum of 10 images
- High resolution digital images



The Studio

The photos in each image above are taken directly from the studio where the sessions will take place! The furniture and decor you see will be what's featured on the session date you select!

The Images

Both packages will included a minimum of 10 images delivered to you, via online gallery. All images will be edited and retouched. You will be able to save these images in both high resolution and web size format, and have the ability to purchase holiday parts and prints directly from your gallery!

What should we wear?

I gotcha covered! Once you select a session time on the date of your choosing you will receive a booking proposal which includes all the details, as well as styling and outfit suggestions.

What set's your mini sessions apart?

These mini sessions are going to take place in one of the top rated studios in Central Florida, with sets and styling that are modern and trendy but that will also be timeless memories. My goal is to provide a beautiful and natural option for a luxury photo experience. The photos you receive will be great for holiday photos, but look great in your living space all year long!

In addition to the aesthetics of the studio space, the benefits of a studio session are huge! We won't have to worry about the fickle Florida weather raining on our parade (literally), or the humidity (and hair frizz that can come with it). Younger family members are more likely to remain in good spirits when they aren't having to smile through the heat and mosquitoes.

These mini sessions also include more time than the typical 10-15 minute slots, as I recognize the difference 5 minutes can make when it comes to capturing that perfect photo of BOTH kids smiling at the camera.

As with any of my photography services, I strive to create a genuine connection and produce a top quality product for my clients.