hi, I'm Alyssa

Likes: iced lattes year 'round, spooky season, fresh flowers, earth tones, traveling

I'm the lady behind the lens! When I'm not photographing awesome people I like to spending my time crafting, exploring Florida with my better half, and hanging with our rescue pup (scroll to see his cuteness). I enjoy those little moments that make up the thing called "life": campfires, morning coffee on the porch, and as much laughter as possible.

If there was one person who I had to thank for sharing a love of photography with me, it was my grandfather. He always had a camera with him, simply because he loved the memories he captured. That forever impacted me and I also developed that same passion to capture the moments around me, even the small ones. I started my first photography page back in high school, and shot my first wedding while in college.

I earned my B.A from Stetson University, and my M.Ed from the University of South Florida.

I'm a big time smiler, and always ready with a good joke or encouraging high five. I've always been a people person, so let's be friends!

my pup, Lemmy (on 35mm film)

aka "Lem", aka "Lemmothy", aka "Big boy"

the biggest baby, sweetest boy, and friend to every person and pup he meets!